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Image collaboration done right. is the perfect tool to help you manage your graphic project and enhance your day-to-day process & workflow
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Sub splash appliance logo 30 bamLa boite à Meuh

“ We have been using Fresc for more than a year and every day we feel its benefits. And now we use the verb “to fresc“ all the time. Nowadays, we use it with 90% of our partners and clients and it has completely changed our way of working. The principal advantages are speed, efficiency, time saving and traceability, not to mention the advantages to our image because thanks to Fresc our agency can offer its clients state-of-the-art service. The ease with which our clients use it has amazed us. They almost use it more easily than we do. Our clients' feedback has been very positive. We had some initial adjustments but now I think it would be difficult to do without Fresc.“

Raphael Ricaux (La boite à Meuh)
Sub splash logo 3dduo

“ The use of 'Fresc' within my team has revolutionised the management of the studio's graphic production by making it clearer and more efficient. As for our clients, they have supported it 110% and praised the professionalism of the approach! “

Jean-Pierre Spriet (DPS Monéback)
Sub splash logo challenges

“ Discover the agility of a start-up... Easy to say but difficult to put into practice in large businesses. However, tools like 'Fresc' have appeared to help simplify procedures, improve internal communication and shorten project times. “

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