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1 A whole new way of sharing ...

Drag and drop upload

Drag & drop

Share work with a single click

Sharing work is fundamental when teamworking on visuals. No more problem with large files, lost emails and recipients being accidentally left out of the loop.

Work is dragged and dropped into the project and automatically shared with team members to save time.

Adobe plugins

Adobe CS5 & CS6 Plugins

Save time every time a file is exported

Because concentration on the essential is the key to successful projects, Adobe plug-ins enable automatic sharing of work and notification of team members and clients.

Just one click and the plug-in does the rest. No more lost images or oversize attachments.

Displayed zone
Full page
Browsers plugins

Chrome & Firefox Plugins

Web page screenshots in a click

Finalizing web interfaces can be problematic, particularly with heavy applications and long pages.

Screenshots of pages can be effortlessly taken and shared and analyzed with team members and clients using Chrome and Firefox plug-ins.

2 Your clients will say wow !


Smart comments

Tools to help understanding

Giving feedback on visuals can be a real headache, especially when co-workers aren't standing directly at one's side. More to the left, smaller size - such phrases hinder even the smallest modifications of images.

Referencing specific areas of images or co-workers directly in the comments allows them to be understood from the beginning by everyone.


To-Do's and Deadlines

Leaving nothing to chance

The development of visual material requires constant concentration. Interpret long emails, transcripting phone calls and notes both distract and often result in the loss of information.

It's now possible to attribute tasks and deadlines to co-workers. Development of ideas, adjustments and corrections - everyone always knows what still remains to be done.

Rotate, or ask for approval
Precise image inspection

Zoom, inspect, validate

A solution for each stage of the project

Working in the creative industry requires perfection in visual rendering. Looking for contractual approval?

Zoom in, check image contrasts and validate creations in an instant, thank to the wide range of tools dedicated to inspection and approval.


Personalized Filters

Organize creations on demand

Projects usually contains a bunch of images. Finding the last version of an image can become tricky.

Create custom filters, regroup visuals and apply filter has never been so simple. Each project stay clean and organized.

3 From organizing projects to organizations


A solution dedicated to the creative industry

Management for professionals

Managing a company with several teams and projects can soon become problematic without the right tools.

Fresc is the must-have for marketing and communication departments, events and media companies, web agencies and software publishers, and any business related to the production of visuals.


Invite team members and clients

Manage roles and control access

Assigning roles

A place for everyone...

In an organization where everybody has a role to play, it's crucial for each person to have the right tools to do the job.

Controlling access becomes essential. Allowing a designer to add content, a project manager to assign tasks, or a client to validate visuals equals time saved for everyone.

The perfect feature to unite teams and gain customer loyalty. Sharing is the key to the success of a company’s projects.

4 And that’s not all...

Desktop notifications

A mind blowing experience!

“Stay up to date with projects in real time while working with other tools.”

With a powerful yet simple notifications center, any stackholder can be notified of what he needs to know.


Project activity by email

ASAP, once or even twice a day.

Keeping up with progress on a project can take lots of time-consuming meetings.

Getting an email summary of work on relevant projects when needed makes real sense.


Project activity by email

ASAP, once or even twice a day.

Keeping up with progress on a project can take lots of time-consuming meetings.

Getting an email summary of work on relevant projects when needed makes real sense.

Some more each day... Consult our blog getting further

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